Sunday, July 9

ITALIA: Campioni del Mondo

I cannot even begin to describe the emotions I feel on this magic night when our national team has made the country so proud by bringing the Fifa World Cup 2006 home..for the fourth time! But more importantly, for the first time ever in my life time and I am thrilled!!!
"We Are the Champions, My Friend!"

I must say that following the recent scandals in the premiership,I had little faith in our potential. However, the first match Ghana-Italy was an eye opener:glimpses of hope and glory! Match by match, we began to dream and believe that, to say the least, we stood a chance..and, on a personal level, my national identity started to solidify!How do I love to be ITALIAN!As we watched our team play we laughed together,cheered together, shouted together, cried together, dreamed together (not to mention the colossal ammount of food and wine..)so much so that winning in the end was not the aim anymore, but rather it was the icing on the cake!and,man, do we know how to party?!? Manchester was invaded by a sea of blue shirts and tricoloured flags,happy faces marching across the city, singing Italian chants..unforgettable. However, memory does play up at times, so here is a wee reminder of our tale about the road to success! Enjoy! xx