Saturday, September 30

That's Amore

A little taste of Home, Frank Sinatra's "That's Amore" or as my silly Irish neighbour would sing it, "It's Mr Morra"..Lol! Enjoy,xx

Friday, September 29

Still Lovin' Me Hoodie

Sitting at the bus stop at 2am, waiting for the bus that never arrived with Joe..chatting away, when suddenly a police car pulls over. My innocent, naive moi, breathes in relief thinking that the kind copper had noticed we were waiting in vain, and was going to give me a lift home..what a silly thought!The policeman got out of the car and asked me whether I was wearing a hoodie and to remove my coat to prove it..mmmh..dodgy!!!I refused,and required an explaination. The copper explained that someone had made a prank call to the station and reported a couple of people looking exactly like me and my friend, sitting at the bus stop, and the girl with a hoodie had been thretening the boy with a broken bottle!!!Madness!I reject the discrimination of the hoodie and I stand up for my local identity! Come on Salford!!!

Wednesday, September 20

Happiness Extravaganza!

MAN: Am I HAPPY!?!? Isn't it ironic how we spend our whole lives trying to make situations and relationships work out our own way, clinging onto things and people in fear of losing them and then, the minute you finally take that leap of faith and let it go, life begins..and I mean truly begins. Whether the clouds are covering the sky, or the rain is pouring down on you - the sun is shining from the inside and I can't even begin to describe how good that feels to be happy, to be grateful, to smile really meaning it and to be comfortable in one own dream and to believe that one can achieve their dreams if they stick at it because when you aim for the the moon even if you fail you land amongst the stars.. It is a true "happiness extravaganza" which originates and aims at the Creator of Joy himself. I'm loving it!!!

Saturday, September 2

"Create in Me a Heart that's Clean"

Have you ever had one of those "out of body" experiences where suddenly, and only for a short while, you are able to see your self from the outside? Well, it has recently happened to me and, to say the list, I didn't like what I fact, I kind of disgusted myself. Here am I: striving to live my life by the highest principles and honourable ideals, yet failing to put my own words into practice whenever it comes to the very relationship which should be the anthem of my idealism.. Nearly about to break into tears - my most typical and insignificant reaction to major disappointments - when suddenly I feel the hand of God litteraly "pulling me out of my mysery" and inciting me by offering me a brand new, fresh start. God's grace will never cease to amaze me. No matter how many times I have messed up, no matter how often I have drawn from that fountain of Grace, He is always willing to give me another shot. Totally awesome! Remind that if ever I should have a little girl I will call her Grace (at least the middle name!!)