Sunday, August 26

"Shaddap You Face!"

I felt we can all always do with a little 'cheering up', a short moment of happiness and positive, worry-less thinking. So here it is a little gift of """"Italian""""" joy! This song makes me smile every time I hear it - likewise I pray that it manages to bring a wee smile onto your faces as well. And to anyone who doubts us, mocks us, for any thought that hunts us and makes us sad, lets implore that emotion to "Shaddap You Face"! (Hey!)


Gorilla Bananas said...

Ivonne, honey, I just love that song! It must have been recorded before you were born! I'm so glad you don't think it's racist against Italians because it's so funny! Keep enjoying life, dear, because your happiness is infectious.

john heasley said...

I'm afraid that does not cheer me up, that song kept the wonderful 'vienna' off the No.1 spot in the uk. Just kidding.