Thursday, October 25

How To Save a Life

I am a former theology student - now embarked upon a long journey of medical studies. In theory, I should know all there is to know about saving lives. This theme, concept, has been meaningful to me for a number of years. I wrote my first BA dissertation on the possible intersession between medicine and theology and I long to be living out those ideals in first person. When I wrote that paper, I quoted a simple, yet explicit, line from the movie "Patch Adams"; that movie and the real life character of Dr Adams have been a source of inspiration for me over the years. The protest against unfounded accepted stereotypes, not merely for argument's sake, but for the reinstatement and affirmation of sacrosanct humane and godly values such as compassion, unconditional love, kindness, overall justice. The quote is that when Patch Adams reminds his friend who is afraid someone may eventually die, even after receiving the necessary medical aid, to which he replies that a doctor's job is not to prevent death, but to improve the over-all quality of people's lives. Just today I have been pondering on the subject of suffering, death. Unfortunately or actually not that unfortunately after all, we cannot prevent death; death is part of life and I guess life would not be equally as valuable, precious, worth fighting for if we were immortal in this skin of ours. Nonetheless, we must strive to make it better, to make the most of what has been given to us not just as individuals, but as a whole of people associated by a common humanity. Saving lives is what doctors try to do day in day out, but ultimately I believe only God can truly save one's soul, hence their eternal life.

I have been wondering a bit recently over the gigantic internal changes that have been happening to me. In as much as I have tried to deny it for so long, I have grown harder, more cynical, less loving. I have loved someone so much that I guess all of the love I was capable of feeling has now combusted and now dedicating my life to other people's problems seems like a much more viable option. Caring for other people's children in order to avoid committing wholly to someone again and choosing to have children together; choosing to live in a tent not to pay a mortgage; saving lives in order to avoid facing my own.

"How to Save a Life" (The Fray)

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Tanya Heasley said...

I think being a Doctor is very challenging, especially as so much depends on their prognosis and actions, and I ask myself why do they do it? What's their motivation? Is it because they want to 'fix people'?

I use to see myself as a 'fix it' type of girl, especially when it came to peoples emotional problems, but why did I want to change / cure them?

Now I'm a Christian I'm more of a 'love it' kind of girl. Is love the motivation for saving others?

I often wonder whether Jesus has always been in me, helping me to love others, to be concerned for their emotioanl well being and for so many years whilst I was trying to 'fix people', I wasn't actually saving myself. And now I'm saved, I've become concerned about the destination of someones life after death.

We can all play a part in saving someones life (especially Doctors), but like you said, Jesus is the only one who can ultimately save them from death.