Wednesday, January 24

Ice Hockey,Cheesy Music and Manly Bonding

Last night we travelled all the way to Nottingham for an Ice Hockey match between our local team, the Manchester Phoenix and the home team, the Nottingham Panthers. The two teams are supposedly in high places in the British league (the Panthers are third and the Phoenix fifth but they are four game short of the other team) - this information is for Jay and yes,also to 'show off' a little and to let my mate know that I was actually listening to what he told me last night! I wish I could show you the picture of me wearing the team's shirt -when I had never even heard of them and I had played ice hockey about once in my entire life!!!(hypocrit? or was I just going for the FULL EXPERIENCE?!) The game was not that good - the Panthers slaughtered the very demotivated Phoenix, but the atmosphere was exhilarating. It was definitively a stress-relieving adventure and an experience that I would love to repeat. Thanks to Mike, Alan and Dave for taking me out. I had a great "man bonding" time - despite Mike's debatable taste in music! And let's hope that my analogy of the Phoenix will do better than our local team last night (5-2...doh!)

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The Wee Italian Chick said...

I stand corrected,in Ice Hockey you should not say "demotivated" rather "lacking passion"...whichever way,they sucked but have had two awesome wins against the Belfast giants!Bring it on!!