Friday, January 12

Praying People

Dear fellow bloggers, if you are reading this, please pray for my mom who is going to be starting her six cycles of chemotherapy today - that she may be strong both mentally and physically and that God may heal her of the lymphoma and give wisdom and compassion to the medical staff.
Also,Lindsey, one of my friend's best friend's wife from Northern Ireland, has got a brain tumor and is undergoing a second operation today before she starts radiotherapy. She is only twentythree and,like my mom,has been amazingly strong and has displayed a great faith throughout her struggles. Please pray for her too. In God we put our trust. With all my gratitude, Ivonne


Dave & Sarah Baylay said...

Dear Ivonne,

Sarah and I certainly will pray for your mum and family. I hope + pray that you are well and that God restores your mums health to full.
I too am praying for healing/recovery. I had a bad back injury at work 6 months ago and its threatening my chance of working in the Fire Service (I'm currently training as a Retained Firefighter). Please pray that God heals my back and finds me a full time job. I think Sarah must be fed up of me being miserable:( Miss you and your smile. Neat blog by the way - God bless, Dave Baylay

Ivonne said...

my goodness guys,so good to hear from you!!!thank you for your prayers-they mean the world to us right now.Dave,I am so sorry to hear about your injury and will most definitively be praying for you,trusting God holds your life in his hands.Will have to catch up sometimes.Love ya both!

cayetana altovoltaje said...

I won't say I'll pray, because you know I don't. But from knowing you, I have faith in you and your family, and I know your mom has the love and support she needs to get through this. I send you all my best thoughts.

Jay said...

My thoughts will certainly be with these people you care so much about.

Ivonne said...

Bea,I appreciate your thoughts and encouragement.Although I do believe in a higher power,human affection and genuine love are increadably significant and in my opinion,reflective of God--for all this I am grateful--thank you buddy.And thank you,Jay.I'm startled by the support we have received even by people we have never met before--I truly appreciate it.