Friday, September 21

The Fashionist

At uni, I got a heck of a lot of nicknames. One of the most ironic ones was "the Italian Stylen" - me, the only Italian who can't dress!? I am not much for fashion, though I seem to have a strong sense of what I like and what I most definitively don't like.
I remember laughing hysterically as I used to look through my mom and dad's old photos wearing big 'hear-dos' in the 80's, flared jeans in the 70's and so on. Me and my little sister would laugh and laugh and remark we would never ever wear flared jeans. Liers. By the mid 1990's we two were shopping obsessively for the most flared pair of jeans. By last year, we two were wearing those hideous buffooned fringes and leg-warmers. Not funny. That's why now I am a little weary to be too judgemental about the ever so comfortable as ever so ugly footwear of the year, the crocs. So I would like you to make up your own mind on the matter, maybe with a little help from our Canadian friends (see video below)


el loco oficial said...

Death to crocs!! skate-shoes (Vans, Airwalk, Dcshoes...) forever; these are not only really confortable but also long-lasting and resistant, unbreakable!

Karenkool said...

HAHAH! My daughters were watching to clip together and my 5 year old responded by saying matter of factly, "I don't wanna be a dork." I'm glad my kids have a bit of sensible taste in fashion. LOL!

Tanya Heasley said...

YAY!You're back on the blogroll. I missed ya!

I thought people looked sexy in the 80's (not!).

The Wee Italian Chick said...

Totally with ya there, El Loco Official!

karen: your kids rather obviously take after you!

Yeah I am back!!!!
Busy but always ready to talk!!! xx