Saturday, January 19


Farewell it's a word that I cherish. It is not as harsh as 'adieu' nor as semplistic as 'good-bye'. Nevertheless, I still don't like good-byes. I have learnt to be less emotive about it, I am contineously seeking not to get too involved emotionally..but I still don't seem to have learnt how to be detached, emotionless. I get attached, I love, I care, sometimes I love people so much I can't help but overwhelm them with affection, thus, to pull them away from me..and that kills me from the inside, it rottens me like a worm slowly consumes an apple cork, like a burning fire painfully consumes a log of wood..reducing it to ashes, mere dust, easily swept away by the gentle breeze.. Why couldn't love be easier?

Sophia - from the album, De Nachten...
If only
hand in hand we spend the night
love comes easy by candlelight

we lie about our past to make each other believe
that this is the love that will last for eternity

if only, if only
if only, if only
if only I could believe that tomorrow
when I wake from my sleep
that you'll still be with me
oh my love
my love will always be


el loco oficial said...

From my own experience, I'm afraid to say that one becomes used to "good-byes", and sometimes non-emotive about them. It's simply a part of life. We're alone, people just get in one's way and jump off continously. One replaces another.

Estelle said...

who did you say goodbye to?? For Christians, goodbye doesn't exist!!

Cayetana Altovoltaje said...

What did I miss?

The Wee Italian Chick said...

Guys,guys, hold your horses!!! No one died or any thing drammatic happened!! Thanks for your concern, but the post actually refers to more trivial emotional roller-coasters!! Fret not, everything is alright!! xx

mimou said...

I'm so like you: I love, I care, I get attached easily and quickly! And letting go of relationships or saying "goodbye" in a way is v. hard. But sometimes has to be done.. It is sad. Your post was actually v. relevant to me just now, somewhere where I am at. Thanks! Now I know Im not the only one. It's always easier with two than one! :-)

john heasley said...

Wow, very emotive. Just keep loving, its worth it.