Friday, July 6

Gimme the Week-End! (I've got a whole week to get over!!!)

Hey, Folks! It's ten to five on a gloomy Friday afternoon! I sooooooooo wanna go home and sleep but, hang on, I haven't got a bed and the house I am house-sitting at the moment is infested by evil cat rest for the wicked!?! (sorry, I am incredibly sleep deprived, need a break!) and guess what the weather forecast for the next week is? Rain and more rain! Have a lovely week-end, xx


Tanya Heasley said...

Suggestions on how to sleep in a house with no bed.

1. Use the cat as a pillow.
2. Prop yourself up against a wall and sleep sitting up.
3. Sleep in the bath.
4. Sleep curled up in the shower tray if there's no bath.
5. If there's a place under the stairs, use the crap in it to sleep on.
6. Sleep outside on the grass.
7. Get a friend round and sleep on them, preferbly a straight female friend ;)
8. If there's a sofa, sleep on it.
9. Have an all night party and don't go to sleep.
10. None of the above, go home and sleep there.

Karen said...

I understand the sleep deprived thing. I hope it gets better soon, for you and me both--and I HAVE a bed!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Sleep well, Ivonne. And then enjoy whatever sunshine there is!

Karen said...

You changed it! hahaha. I've been thinking about a face lift on mine--but it requires too much thought for the summertime.

The Wee Italian Chick said...

Tanya: I am humbled to see the effort you have obviously put into finding a solution to all of my sleeping issues...mmm...the bath one sounds duable..I'll give it ago! (",)

Gorilla, I appreciate your concern! Ironic that a sun ray came through my window as I was reading your warm thought!

Karen: what's up? Thought your kids were all grown up-still getting sleepless night? I pray you sleep soundly soon. Also, indeed, graphic design takes foreeeeever..good job we don't really get a summer around here! heheheh! Speak soon, xx

The Wee Italian Chick said...

PS: I am just being a winge, really. I do have a sofa and it's actually "not-too-bad"..I could go and sleep at a friend's, but this has been my home for two years and it's the only thing that still feels "mine"..

Chris, Maiko and Daniel said...

Hey Ivonne, Maiko and I are loving your blog... it becoming one of our vital signs! Any chance you will be heading to Japan soon... you have a honorary nephew who's dying to meet you. Failing that, will you be returning to the UK for holidays sometimes after moving back home?

The Wee Italian Chick said...

Sayonara to my Japanese "blog-stalkers" hehehe! Miss you so much guys and I would so incredibly love to meet my honorary nephiew in person..he looks so adorable, so sweet, so perfect! Praise God for him and for great friends as you! Your blog has been one of my 'vital signs' for quite some time now (guess ya know that!) - wish I could fly to Japan now, but think it would be unprobable til next spring - I'll do my best. Also, I shall defo make an effort to reach the UK whenever you are over! Speak soon, xx

Puppy aka Cliff said...

Awww all these destinations, is making me want to find god :) but too late for me now...

Yvonne with an I, you can't leave!! You can't... I have a plan to super glue your chair on friday... :) yes indeed. You shant leave.

I want to go to Japan!!!! :( Sure I've just been to Hong Kong but Japan, the home of anime and godzilla... didn't see one godzilla type creature while I was in Hong Kong... Most disappointing, I was expecting city wide destruction featuring Mothra. :)

Cayetana Altovoltaje said...

Ivo!! So where have you sent me messages? Haven't received any.

The Wee Italian Chick said...

BEA:Your English phone! .. before you left on Monday!!! Hope the interview went well, wee pickle! So, when can I come and visit?!

CLIFF: it's never to late, God hasn't changed since time begun..please,don't glue me to the chair, I promise I will stay in touch and, indeed, Japan is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited! Definitively worth a visit..or two..or more!