Tuesday, July 3

Reaching for the Sun

Raaaaaaaaain..RaIn...rAin...and more RAin!!! Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I am going mad!!! I keep on reminding myself there are only two weeks to go until my return to sunnier shores..THANK GOD!!!!


Fever Dog said...

It's raining? In Manchester?
I'm shocked.

Tanya Heasley said...

Can I come with you???

Baron Hashbrown said...

I had to buy new windscreen wipers for my car yesterday because the June rain wore them out. That's not right!?

The Wee Italian Chick said...

Yes, Jay, believe it or not it is raining, in MANCHESTER..grrrrrrrr!

Tanya, if I didn't have so much stuff, I would definitively give it a go at squeezing you into my wee car!

Steve: that's an emblematic statement you've got there. I am undecided on whether 'this summer sky is weeping 'coz England is sad to see me go' or 'the weather is trying to convince me to go..faster!!!' Raaaaaaaaa Hope you are feel better!!!!