Sunday, July 1

Life Is Beautiful

Meet beautiful baby Daniel Kenshi McKee born on June 29th,2007
My 24th Birthday
The Sinivirta family with gorgeous baby Saku Luucas, 15th June 2007


Caroline said...

P&C (Hampton) xxx

Tanya Heasley said...

All this time and count down to your birthday and I still managed to forget.

I am the worst for remembering birthdays, hope you had a great time.

Ivonne said...

Thanks Caroline! So good to hear from you and welcome to baby #7!!! Impressive! Will come and visit your website from time to time - you know how much I love your tribe!

Tanya - not to worry about forgetting! My mom has got the worse memory ever - she even forgets my name at times! Birthday was grand - my feet are still hurting though! Auch!!!