Friday, March 2

Little Sparkles of Joy

I always find it interesting when, in the midst of a storm,the gloomy clouds shift for a split second to let an often feeble ray of sunshine peeks through and warms your cheeks..I like that, as I like it when little unexpected surprises come your way and brighten up your day. They are the best. I will never forget the day my university friend Andy died. It was devastating for us to lose him so suddenly and unexpectedly. We were sad and cried and looked pretty puzzled and confused,wobbling about around our beautiful campus when,unanticipatedly, a group of two year olds walked out of the nursery holding hands on their way to their post-afternoon-nap break (mmm,don't you miss being a child?!) happily yapping away, when a little blonde haired boy caught my eye and waved at me energetically - simple things,ah? That little smile gave me life on that sad day and what a wonderful gift that was. Or it's like when they sent mom home from the hospital in time for her birthday, when she wasn't expected to get out for a further 10 days..priceless. On a sillier level, the other day's yoga lesson was a ray of sunshine indeed. Yes, I ain't that flexible (quite funny to watch really), but the yoga instructor was "a sight for sore eyes" and, unexpectedly, made my day. Sometimes is when you least expect it that the most wonderful things happen,so just keep on smiling and expect the unexpected. Have a nice week-end!


boltonfan said...

Yoga instructor.......
ooh darling!!!

Enjoy your next session with dishy Adrian xxxx

Ivonne said...

Lol! Adrian was off sick this week! D'oh! My heart is shattered! ;-(