Monday, June 25

Hurray! Even I Finally Did It!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Having tried pretty much everything in life, I am proud to announce you that today I have had my first ever taste of MUSHY PEAS! I used to think I'd reached an all times low with "fish 'n' chips, shocked myself enough with Scottish Haggis, proven my point by eating Croccodille meat, experienced a true 'taste-sensation' with beans on toast, but no, oh no: there behold -lunch time on a gloomy and rainy day I was sitting in a traditional chippy in Manchester city centre with a pot of tea and plate full of fish 'n' chips and mushy peas with buttered white bread...(I am really praying Matt will never find out about today's lunch..doh!)
***I am now officially ready to leave the country.***


Gorilla Bananas said...

Are you an honorary Mancunian now? Only if you enjoyed those peas.

Fever Dog said...

I don't eat mushy peas. But that's because I'm a softie southerner.

You should go further North, and try battered Mars bars.

Ivonne said...

They were 'alright', GB, it sort of brought an illusion of healthy eating to my caloric feast.

Jay: Regarding 'battered Mars bars', no, thanks. No offence, but I am trying to keep my arteries flowing..

Cayetana Altovoltaje said...

I kind of liked them with fish and chips. And I liked haggis. I have a stomach of steel. But I wouldn't try the fried mars bar either.

Baron Hashbrown said...

Mushy peas are awesome. Fish and chips just wouldn't be right without them! My grandparents lived up north so I grew up looking forward to seeing them and going for a proper fish supper with obligatory peas and buttered bread!