Thursday, June 28

Come With Your Dancing Shoes On!

My birthday do is a mere two days away and the prep is getting a little hectic...that aside, I am looking forward to a night of celebration, seeing mates from all walks of life and DANCE MY LITTLE SOCKS OFF!!! (Thanks to la Cayetana Altovoltaje for putting the music together!) So, got your dancing shoes ready?


Tanya Heasley said...

If you're wearing a nice pretty frock I don't think socks will look that good. Best to just dance you're little feet off. ;)

Ivonne said... red high heals are much prettier than white sports socks though it could be funny! Lol! Will post some pics soon!!!

Cayetana Altovoltaje said...

I can't believe you pulled a Footloose on us!!! That paradigm of deep america's high-school tack!!! Well, girl, you want it, you got it. I'll put it in your b-day mix!!!

Karen said...

I'm deeply jealous! Hope your party is a blast and Happy Birthday!!! (my son turns 16 on the 30th--big day, big day!!)

Mimo said...

Ooh wish I could be there!! If the party is in the feel of the pics, I would DEFINITELY wanna be there! Enjoy! and Happy Birthday already! Love, Mims x

P.S. Mine is only two weeks away too! July is a great month, isn't it! :)

Baron Hashbrown said...

Hope you are having a good birthday and the party was great. Sounds like you picked the right DJ. Is your house covered in danced off socks?

I wish I could have made it but unfortunately I'm still a bit unsteady on my feet so my dancing would be a bit akin to an extra from the Thriller video.

Ivonne said...

Caye - you are the queen of tack, you love it! Thank you for the music! ;-)

Karen: The party was a total laugh..we had so much fun dancing like as if no-one was watching! I wish you'd had been there, but I realise that it would have been hard to fly in from the States for the night!

Mimo: you are right: July girls are the best!! Me agrees!
thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

Baron: The house ain't covered in dirty socks..more like plasters rappers from blistered feet (pretty shoes, ugly pain..doh!) I thought you wouldn't be able to make it but I am comforted by hearing you are getting better! GET WELL SOOOOOON!!!!