Tuesday, June 12

Miracles Do Happen

Recognise this handsome young man in the picture on the left? He is a little 'plumper' now but indeed, this is Diego Armando Maradona, El Pibe de Oro, "the golden boy" as he is was known in my childhood years, is the man who made Napoli football club, the Neapolitan people and a whole generation feel unforgettable and unrepeatable emotions on a football pitch. Simply sensational. Regardless of other undisputed talents I have come across in my life time (Ronaldo, for Brazil, Christiano Ronaldo in Manchester, David Beckham, etc..), no other player had the same charisma, velocity, tactic, exhibitionism to single-handedly (La Mano de Dios, comes to mind, ahahaha!) **Caution please: Sheer comedian talent at work here** destroy a whole opponent team!!! Pure class. Anyway, those where the good days for our local team, when we won all the time: the scudetto,twice, UEFA Cup, Super Coppa Italiana...good days, good days indeed. Then the decline: between 1990 and now it's been a succession of disastrous events (we went as low as serie C for a couple of years) but Sunday, oh Sunday, was a wonderful day - after 11 years (can't believe it's been that long) NAPOLI is back in SERIE A!!!! Happy days, happy days! Here are a few pictures of the celebrations in Naples - heck do those Neapolitans know how to party!!!


Tanya Heasley said...

I'm not really up on football, but didn't Maradona play for Argentina?

Is Napoli an Italian team?

What British team do you support?

Sorry, too many questions I know.

Ivonne said...

A. Maradona is an Argentinian player.

B. He played in the Italian premiership in the 80's/early 90's for Napoli (premiership being different thing from world cup)

C. The English team I support is Man Utd

D. Sorry for sounding slightly patronising and for you to fit perfectly into the blonde hair category!!!! (",)Only messing!!!! I think you are great! Keep up the honesty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fever Dog said...

I was going to make some joke like hopefully they will do better than the Italian national team, but then I remembered they won the world cup. better than Man utd? that doesn't really work either. how come you do support Man U and not Man City anyway?

Ivonne said...

Jay - that's an outrageous question!!!!!!!! I live in Salford - it's RED at the core!!! Suggesting I supported Man City is close to a swear word up here!!! Grrrrrrr!!!

PS: Thanks for proving my point! As my mom said last night: this is a good year for Italy - we won the world cup, Berlusconi is not in power, I am going back to live there and NAPOLI is back in Serie A..could this get any better?!?!?!?!?!?! ;-)

Cayetana Altovoltaje said...

Ah, el calcio, ché pasione.
I think it's great Berlusconi is out. Every time I saw his shiny head on tv he made me cringe.