Friday, February 16

Who's Not Singing Anymore?!

Really brief informative post on the Ice-Hockey (seem to be receiving constant pressure to write up on it). The Manchester Phoenix got beat 4-3 on Saturday. We played great in the third period but too late in the game.We scored to make it 4-4 but the ref didn't give it as a goal beause one of our guys punched him in the face..What a wonderful sport it is!!! Will get back to you with more meaningful stuff after I've finished organizing my mama's surprise birthday party,baked a couple of cakes and inflated a few dozens of baloons..Traaaaaaaaaaa!


Gorilla Bananas said...

Who's the little fella? Give your mum a birthday hug from all of us.

The Wee Italian Chick said...

I wish it was my little offspring,GB,but it's just some random child off the google images..Will certainly give a hug to my mom..she's so...hugable and lovely!!!xx