Tuesday, May 8

An Arabian Night

Back, I am back, I am back! After a brief pause from the blogworld I am back with the tales of one of the best nights out of the past few years.
We change; we grow; we mature and evolve, but I believe that deep within we all crave for an unaltered desire to be at peace with oneself, with the grown-ups we have become and to still laugh wholeheartedly, like little toddlers. I think that is what Sunday was all about. Despite having had a late one the night before (simply to accommodate my friend's urge to watch Spiderman 3), I woke up early to a beautiful sunny day, went for a short-lived jog, had breakfast, went to church, talked to people, had lunch, preached to a lovely group of senior citizens (a captive audience of fifteen 90 odds!). Went to the pub to watch the Chelsey-Arsenal match (even cheered Arsenal for the first time in my whole life! - congratulations, Man Utd!), leisurely walked to a coffee shop for some tea, had an Indian in Rusholme, then headed to the local Arab cafe for some mint tea. We did not have a single drop of alchol yet were as giddy as one can be - we even got told off by the owner..it was like being back in second grade! Class. Drinking mint tea throughout the night. I suddenly felt like an adult, like a proper little person yet with comparable energy, laughter and joy to that of a little child who does not worry or reminisce about yesterday and has no fear of tomorrow, who at the core of her innerself knows her blessed state. Indeed I am truly blessed.

**thanks to Titi', Lily, Dr Cipolla and Stefano!** the girone of return in London, babe!**


Tanya Heasley said...

Doesn't too much mint tea give you the squits? I know if I eat too many polos (mints) I get a runny bum.

Anyway, sounds like you had a fab time. :-)

Ivonne said...

Ihihih! Tanya, made me giggle! I am not sure there is any side effects to menthol abuse; however, it may be that all the sugar we poured into our teas/contained in polos gave us an absurd concentration of e-numbers..what do you think? As for the runs, I am afraid, I have never experienced such mint-related discomfort...Thanks for sharing!!!(",)

Tanya Heasley said...

I like to share and I have many poo related stories.

I know that skittles contain alot of e-numbers 'cause my husband and I use to have a games night with some friends who always brought them and we would always get jittery and giggely at the end of the night (Have you ever heard men giggle?)

Ivonne said...

Oh,yes, and it's hilarious!!! ;-)They are trying to ban the use of e-numbers and artificial food colouring in most confectionary which, on one side is a healthy thing, but seeing a bunch of adults getting giddy is priceless! Here is to e-numbers! (",)

PS: I've got a few poo stories myself. I think I should blog about 'em so that people know that I ain't as 'profound and proper' as some make me to be!!! ;-)

Fever Dog said...

Tanya's backdoor related problems are probably less likely from mint, and more likely from something like gelatin.

Ivonne said...

Interesting theory, Dr Fever Dog! (",)