Saturday, May 12

Stuck in a Moment...

3.37 am. I came home early tonight, even skipped youth (so out of character for me to dishonour my commitments), opted for a relaxing night in and the opportunity to catch up on some long yearned sleep. Vain efforts, of course. Chris Martin’s words from “Fix You” are tormentingly resounding in my head, yet nothing seems to be able to fix me. After three chamomile teas, a hot bath, two movies, prayer and endless tears go and explain to my old pastor back in Naples that Christians don’t have trouble sleeping! Of course, there is something profoundly calming and peaceful about living in the knowledge of God’s care and protection (Psalm 5 springs to mind ‘in peace I will lay down; and in peace shall I sleep because you, oh Lord, make me rest in safety’) Nevertheless, this truth does not change our human condition. As real people living in a real world, religious and non-religious people alike experience an often painfully tearing dualism. Don't take this harshly, but I am not looking for answers and empathetic support. Guess I am simply trying to articulate what is clouding my blessed, wonderful life. Baring my soul, feeling as naked and vulnerable as a desperate woman bent on her knees, sobbing and crying in the middle of the street at night as her mascara is running down her face and a malevolent cold breeze is blowing her fine dress, which feels like dirty rags, away. There is no pity in that wind, so she feels yet the cool breeze is a wispy awakening call of an inner sense of Hope that speaks Life even in the lowest pits. That's what tonight feels like.
I first bought the album X&Y, which includes the song 'Fix You', around about the same time I moved to Manchester. I had only just graduated and I felt on the top of the world. I was an idealistic day dreamer who believed that if you work hard and honestly and honour God in all you do, life will be good. I suppose you could say that I haven't changed an inch over the past two years. Despite an increased sense of cynicism and sarcasm, a natural defence mechanism perhaps, I so desperately want to believe that 'there must be more than this'. For all the failiures, I want to learn to stand up again more and more quickly; for all the disillusionment, I want to become even more loving; for all the tears, I will seek to smile my heart out; I will learn to continue to love even what is lost, because it is only things which break beyond repair. On the contrary, hearts and emotions can be mended; therefore I shall persue unconditonal Love; for all the sleepless nights, I will post about it - express my fears, insecurities, self-perceived sense of failure and persue Beauty, pant for Grace.

*At the top of the page, Salvador Dali "The Persistence of Memory"(1931)
On the left, an iconic image of Sofia Loren in Vittorio De Sica's "La Ciociara" (1960) based on a wonderful novel by Alberto Moravia.


Tanya Heasley said...

I'll honour your request for no answers or emphatic support and tell you 'great Salvidor Dali picture'.

Sorry, I can't leave it at that. We don't know each other and we have never met, but I feel connected to you. God moves in mysterious ways and maybe we have connected with each other for His purpose.

We are only a train/plane ride away from each other and I want you to know I'm here for you, (even if it is in the middle of the night).

Sorry again if that's not what you wanted to hear but I am person who has no tact and tells it as it is.

Estelle said...

non conosciamoci ma devi dirti che ti penso e sappi che prego per te! Che Dio ti ama e che sei speciale! Sia onesta con te stessa ma anche be nice to yourself!!
Un abbraccio forte!

Ivonne said...

Thanks, ladies. I definitively know to be part of a wonderful, rather extended loving 'family'. I most certainly appreciate your care and concern; I hate sounding like a big winger and a self-centered immature little girl ... it's just have been a little tough lately. I'll be ok - slowly but surely!!! (",)

PS: I love honesty in people, big time! Please always be brutally honest with me!