Tuesday, May 29

The Sound of a Good Week-End

Yes, more than 'the sound of a good week-end', it is the lack of sound, in my voice, this morning that makes me reminisce on an hilarious week-end in London, baby, London! For my frequent readers, you may remember the tales of our funny Arabian night in the beginning of May with some newly met friends from London whom we ended up exchanging a visit with this bank holiday week-end. The whole thing was quite surreal - confusing the night for the day, the scorching rain like we were in the middle of December, making friends with singers, waiters and random strangers, running in the rain at 3am, having breakfast at 5pm..totally awesome! Good times, good friends. So, without further ado, here is a photo diary of the week-end (saves me time, really)... Hope you all had a nice bank holiday too!

A typical British summer day in London..The Sweetness: Tiziana & Linda, best friends from school! Dancing in the Tube station..as you do...
Wanted?Cueing outside "Ain't Got Nothing but the Blues" in Soho for nearly two hours..freeeeeeezin'!
Worth the wait!

Meeting Oscar Wilde and Dorian Gray, aka Wayne and Tim. It was a rather surreal experience - for starters, we were in an underground, prohibitionist mid-20's America style Jazz club in Soho. Got chatting to this two random guys who ended up being quite a pair, not to mention that both me and Linda (who hardly know each other at all) thought that Tim (in the middle) looked like Dorian Gray..indeed a fictional character out of a book..the weirdness!!!
Singing the Italian national anthem at the top of your loungs? Priceless. The Sound of a Good Night indeed!


Fever Dog said...

Sounds like more than just a "good" weekend to me, sounds like a fantastic one. You must need a break after all that!

Estelle said...

to sing the national anthem at the top of your lungs means you really do have good lungs especially remembering how long it is!!
Sounds like fun!

Tanya Heasley said...

Running in the rain at 3a.m. I hope you were wearing sensible shoes and some reflectors. ;)

Fever Dog said...

....and I am only a little offended you were in London and didn't tell me ;)

Ivonne said...

Jay: Please forgive me for not calling you - it was a bit of a "Thelma and Louise" trip.. I promise you'll be the first to know next time I am down! And,yeah, it was pretty cool, actually!

Estelle: You are right: the Italian anthem it's sooooooo flippin' long, the girls could not even remember the first verse! Good old Miss Fuschino, my music teacher in high school, taught us the lot! Hilarious!

Tanya: why do you think I have the worse possible case of laringites today?!?! Summer shoes and dressed like summer in the middle of December.. silly girl! (",)