Friday, May 25

Treasure Hunt on the Traces of a Beautiful History - Gli Amici Ritrovati

Neapolitan gulf:The view from my parents'!
Sitting at my desk in my Manchester office, looking outside of the window at a concrete city hovered by a berely illuminated sky..I am feeling invigorated, energetic, nostalgic. I had the break of a life-time on the traces of a past I thought was lost; however, it was never lost, it was simply concealed under a pile of papers which are effortlessly blown away by the gentle summer breeze..It is wonderful to speak not only the same language, but to share a common story. I love you all very much; I have missed you!!!

Seduta alla scrivania del mio officio di Manchester, guardo fuori dalla finestra ad una citta' di cemento, coperta da un cielo appena illuminato..mi sento invigorita, energica, nostalgica. Ho trascorso giorni stupendi sulle tracce di un passato che credevo perso; ma non era mai stato smarrito, era piuttosto nascosto sotto ad un mucchio di fogli che sono facilmente rimossi dalla dolce brezza'e' meraviglioso parlare non solo la stessa lingua, ma coindividere una storia comune. Vi amo tutti tantissimo; mi siete mancati!!!

The Family
My mom has just had the results from her post-theraphy tests which, insofar, all came out negative. She is still quite weak, but we cannot stop but praise God for what appears to be an increadible answer to prayer. In this instance, I would wholeheartedly like to thank you all for your support and encouragement. May God reward you double-fold for all of your kindness.
Mia madre ha appena ricevuto i risultati dalle sue prime analisi post-terapia e, fino ad ora, sono risultate tutte negative. Si sente ancora abbastanza debole, ma non possiamo fare altro che ringraziare Dio per questa che sembra essere una risposta a tante preghiere. A questo proposito, colgo l'occasione per ringraziarvi del vostro supporto ed incoraggiamento. Possa Iddio ricompensarvi del doppio di tutta la vostra compassione.

The Friends

Laura (aka 'Corpo, "the body") and I in San Martino and Parco Virgiliano. Good friends, good times!

Me and Ida (aka Super Zeta) - The sweetness!

"But sometimes you close your eyes and see the place where you used to live when you were young"- The memorable Via Scarlatti.

Me and Vale (aka Valina/Gazzella, "The Gazelle"), hadn't seen each other in five long years but it's like as if time had never passed. I am so proud of her! (BTW, I swear I am not sticking my middle finger at anyone! Accidents happen!) (",)

Pop, happily singing away in the car..

My Transport! I love to feel the wind on my face!

Sunbathing in the garden..

Happy, our fam dog!


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures.
Your mum is beautiful!
I can relate to the special feeling of being 'home' when back in your own country and am glad you had such a good time!

Nina xo

Cayetana Altovoltaje said...

I miss you, dahlin'
When are we doing something together? You and your super-friend Tiz are abandoning me this weekend.
All alone.
In Salford.
You mean Italians you.
Seriously, I want to have a little get together with you guys, and maybe go out (just not in the Gay Village, please, I need a dose of straight) and be silly and speak in tongues?
I need to learn Italian, btw.
Oh lots of news, girl, do you think you're the only one who has a life?

Cayetana Altovoltaje said...

Totally off-topic: do you know Paolo Conte? I totally dig him (well, his music, at least).

Ivonne said...

Thanks, Nina - I am biased, but my mom is truly beautiful! Home is home and I had not felt so "at home" in a long time..when you acknowledge moments of belonging such as those, you must grab them and grab them tight!

Miss Altovoltaje! Como estas? I have missed you too baby and I am dying to hear all you have been up to in my absence! Sorry for abandoning you - will shortly be back in touch.
Also, your musical ecclecticism mesmerises me, my dear! Paolo Conte? Totally class - will chat about him when I see you next. (My dad is a big fan!)

Gorilla Bananas said...

Lovely to hear good news about your mother. That's quite a seductive smile in the picture with the crash helmet!

Fever Dog said...

Beautiful pictures

Tanya Heasley said...

What lovely photos and that view from your parents is breathtaking.

We have a view of new houses being built. Not so breathtaking (apart from the dust and fumes from the building equipment).

vale said...

carine le foto!!!
anche se non ho capito la parte del mio commento che parla del middle fingher???!!!!
spiegare please...
Non è stato proprio un bel fine week per me...poi t racconto...
nel frattempo ti abbraccio virtualmente...Tvb

Ivonne said...

I know, how sexy can one be with a crash helmet on...mmm...thanks GB!

Tanya: I know, the view from my folks is quite something..wish you could see the one from my house in Salford..GRIIIIIIIIIIIIM!

Vale: Se ci fai caso, sembra stia facendo un gestaccio col mio medio!!! (non era intenzionale, ti assicuro!) Allora bedda mia, l'hai ricevuta l'e-mail? TVB,xx

Ivonne said...

PS: thanks Jay!